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Remembrance Quotes

Remembrance Quotes People all mourn differently, just as people pay tribute in different ways. It is always important though, to remember a person in a positive way. Our quotes about remembrance that we offer as an immediate download, or as a DVD, offer positive messages of hope, survival, and eternal love that will get you through the anniversaries of your loved one's death and allow you to go on, even when you are hurting. They will help you have the courage to face the days ahead.

Often, remembrance quotes are nothing more than generic phrases. Many people say things such as "he was a good man" or "she will be missed." While those things may be true, they do not really speak to the heart. They are superficial and do not give a person the ability to really receive the universal and unconditional love they are longing for.

Messages of Sympathy can help you pay that tribute. Our words come from the heart. They were not passed down from one card to the next. They speak of a universal truth and enable you to remember your loved one in a positive way. They give something much more than a traditional card can give.

When you use Messages of Sympathy, you will get:
  • Death and remembrance quotes that will last for a lifetime
  • A positive way to reflect upon the life of the one you have lost
  • A tradition that you can use on every anniversary to remember the person who touched your life in such a positive way
If you have not truly put a person to rest yet even though they have passed, you need something you can hold onto to allow yourself to go through the healing process. You need to be able to pay a tribute to the person, while thinking of all of the positive things that remain.

By honoring the anniversaries of the deceased, you will not only be paying tribute to your loved one, but you will be helping yourself as well. Keeping the memory of a loved one alive is an important way to continue to heal in a healthy manner.

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